Neat and Tidy

The Swiss are commonly associated with cleanliness. I've mentioned it in relation to their public toilets. And apart from the pervasive graffiti (about which I've mentioned here), I'd have to say they keep their outdoor environments very clean. And sometimes they like to use nifty machines to do it.

In recent days I saw all three of the following machines in my neighborhood. I don't think any of them are uniquely Swiss, but they are being utilized to keep the Swiss neat and tidy standard.

First off, our neighbor uses this gizmo regularly:

Every time we walk past this yard and this thing is out there, I get so excited. I've always wanted a Roomba for my house (maybe Santa will bring one this year?), but if I still had a yard/lawn, I'd definitely want one of these. And look how neat and tidy their yard is!

The next day I saw a maintenance worker cutting the grass near our flat and adjacent to the train tracks. And by cutting the grass, I don't mean he was doing it manually by pushing a mower. No, he was pushing some buttons...using a remote controller.
View from one of our balconies.

The mower was definitely doing all the work:

Again, our outdoor environment is neat and tidy!

And finally, just the other day we saw a cleaning machine that I never knew existed! We live quite close to a regional recycling center, called an ökihof. The facility uses large dumpster type receptacles to collect the plastic, paper, glass, etc.

And of course, these receptacle get dirty. But, not to worry. There's washing machine on a truck to deal with this problem!

An arm comes out and attaches to the top of the recycling receptacle:

And then it is brought around to the center of the machine on the truck that has big blue brushes for a cleaning!

Unfortunately it wasn't scrubbing while we watched. But how cool is that? Who knew that huge recycling receptacles can be cleaned? Apparently, the Swiss knew because they are doing it! Another great way to keep Switzerland neat and tidy.

Today's poem is a neat and tidy tiny poem:
spruce it up
the Swiss are experts
at cleaning up

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