Full Blown Swiss

Happy 1st of August! Happy Swiss National Day!

Today the Swiss celebrate all things Swiss. And we foreigners benefit. You see, the Swiss have been celebrating National Day on August 1st since 1891, but the day has only been an actual holiday since 1994. It took almost 100 years for 80% of Swiss voters to decide that yes, we need a day off to celebrate being Swiss. (Though, to be fair, the Swiss do a pretty good job of celebrating their Swissiness just about every day.)

For the month of July the local businesses do a bumper crop business selling the red and white to the masses:

Even down to their eggs!

But one international retailer doesn't sell Swiss-centric merchandise just in the summer for National Day.  No, c&a stores sell traditional Swiss clothing. All. Year. Long.

(To get an idea of what c&a sells in the rest of the store, Maureen ALWAYS finds something cute. Think young adult fashion, though I have bought a few items there for myself and it is not weird.)

You can get Lederhosen for HIM:
Takes leather pants to a new level.
Or a Dirndl for HER:

The blouses are cute.

And you can get traditional accessories as well:
Cute purse...
...or wool socks!

I love that these traditional clothes are available 365 days a year and in a mainstream retailer! How cool is that?

I do have to note that while these clothes are readily available, they are not cheap. The Lederhosen run about 150Fr. (It is in Switzerland after all.) Oh well.

And to round out our Swiss National Day celebration and this post, here are some fireworks and a poem. Ooh and aah at your own discretion:


Swiss national pride
flag of red and white
schnitzel and wurst by day
pyrotechnics all night
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