Everything Is ok.-

Bags are ok.-.  Umbrellas are ok.-.

Many thanks to the ok.- models Maureen and Elisabeth.

Ice tea.is ok.-

But energy drinks are the most ok.-
Photo courtesy of ok.- website
Also from website.
A lot of things are ok.- because ok.- is a brand made by the Swiss company Valora and sold exclusively in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg. They started out with energy drinks...lots of energy drinks. Then they branched out with water, cookies, chocolate, tea, sunglasses, umbrellas, bags, and more! The best part is the prices for this brand are really ok.- And in Switzerland that's saying a lot!

One more feature that makes this brand stand out is its cheeky style. From its url name: www.okpunktstrich.ch which translates to "ok dot dash" (which is exactly how you spell it) to its advertisements, ok.- is more than OK with us.
And Luke is der Bruder?

Today's teeny tiny poem shows this brand's style: