Snug as a Bug

Not in a rug.

But in a hotel.

A bug hotel. A Swiss bug hotel.

Switzerland is a welcoming place for bugs. True, I've mentioned the lack of window screens here, which has brought some winged friends inside the house. But the Swiss actively cultivate the insect population outside. So much so that it is a common sight to see insect hotels just about everywhere.

Along paths in parks:

Along trails in the forest:

And outside neighborhood sheds:

Insect hotels are structures made up of various materials to attract various insects: dry leaves to attract Ladybugs, dead wood and loose bark to attract various beetles and centipedes, holes and tubes made out of bamboo or reeds or drilled wood for solitary bees and wasps, straw and shells for various insects to deposit their eggs or seek shelter.

Are you feeling the hotel vibe?

Different materials appeal to different bugs.
The best part of these insect hotels is that the 'guests' are a diverse lot that encourages biodiversity which increases ecosystem productivity in the surrounding area. Win - win!

And unlike Swiss hotels for humans, the room rate is so low it is free! 

As for the spider population, insects provide an varied All You Can Eat Buffet:

Today's poem is a resounding endorsement for a stay at an insect hotel:

diverse guests
check in and out at will
best available rates
an environmental thrill
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