High Profile

One day the field was empty.

The next it was not.

A new crop?

A full size Erector Set?

A field of flag poles?

Nope, none of the above.

Those poles filling the field are called Building Profiles.

In Switzerland these are used to visualize a building project.

How tall will the building project be?

How close to an adjacent road?

Or existing buildings? 

Building Profiles show all concerned (landowner, neighbors, government, etc.) what impact the building project will have on the local environment. They must be erected before the submission of the building application and must stay in place until the final approval of the building permit and any appeal proceedings.

Building Profiles are another example of how Switzerland develops its land, but in a very controlled manner.

"Swipe Right" on today's poem if you want help to 'Construct your Future':
I am as tall as you want me to be
and pole-thin.

I have no facade to hide behind
but I reveal so much.

Will your future be lofty
or will your view be obstructed?

Depends whether you like my height.

Will you be close with your neighbors
or will they be far flung and leave you isolated?

Check out my perimeter.

I am into the environment
and will stick around just long enough
for the ground to break on your future.

I will disappear only to be set up
where the grass is greener. 
©2019, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.