Tariff - ic?

It depends who you ask.

We had major league sticker shock on food when we moved here - both in restaurants and grocery stores. As Joe likes to say, "Food is stupid expensive here!"

Food is so expensive in Switzerland because the Swiss use tariffs on imported food. I know tariffs are all over the news and beginning to affect daily life in the US, but the Swiss have been living the dream for a while.

In fact, according to the Swiss newspaper SwissInfo.ch. food prices are so high because of "exorbitant Swiss tariffs":

And the high tariffs have a direct effect on the overall cost of living here in Switzerland:

It is no wonder we get so excited when we vacation in neighboring countries - the food is so cheap!
One area that many in Switzerland feel the pain of high prices is in their quest for a caffeine fix - coffee! Joe included.  But after living here for close to two years we've found some places to find bargains. The best grocery store for finding reasonably priced food is the German chain, Lidl. When we discovered Lidl our grocery bill went down by at least 50%!

And one of Lidl's best perks is their coffee prices:
Only 1CHF! (equivalent to $1)

And they open early for your cheap cuppa caffeine:
The store doesn't open until 7:30, but you get to the coffee vending machine starting at 6am!

Now that is a public service.

Today's poem is more of a joke. Like the cost of coffee in a Swiss coffee shop. Enjoy and, um, gesundheit?

Q: What did the sick barista serve with each order?
A: A little cough-y! 

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