You Are Invited...

April is National Poetry Month in America.

And Canada.

And the UK.

And possibly here in Switzerland, though there doesn't seem to be much of a unified observance. In fact, April doesn't seem to hold any more importance for poetry than any other month as I've seen events advertised for March, May, and even July.

But seeing as I am an American poet, I am celebrating Poetry Month NOW, smack dab in the middle of April.

And my gift to you on this auspicious occasion is the invitation to write poetry. Your own poetry.

You might be thinking, But I don't know how.

Well I have a video for that!

In fact I have 4 videos for that!

If you look at the right sidebar of this blog you will see three pictures that link to my first 3 How To Poetry videos:

10 Steps to Writing Acrostics video which has garnered 23,000+ views.

10 Steps to Writing Limericks* video which has garnered 15,000+ views.

10 Steps to Writing Riddle Poems video which has garnered 3,000+ views.

And debuting today:

(drum roll, please)

10 Steps to Writing Haiku

I invite you to watch, learn, and write haiku. 

Share your haiku with me. With someone you love. Or better yet, someone you don't like. What better way to improve any relationship than with a poem?

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I have several more How To Poetry videos in the works: Cinquain, Fibonacci, Abcederian, and MORE!

Is there a poetry form you are curious about? Suggest a poetry form for a future Wee Words How To Poetry video in the comments. I'll give you credit for the suggestion. 

*A 2.0 version of my Limerick video is almost complete! When it is ready to publish, I will include the link here in a blog post. I will lose the 15,000+ views the first Limerick video has, but it needs to be updated. Such as life for a poetry video maker... 😃 

**Huge shout out to fellow American poet and haiku extraordinaire, Elizabeth Steinglass, for previewing my haiku video. Thanks, Liz!

Did We Order That?

It all started with a craving for a fruit smoothie.

The only thing standing in the way of our teenager and her smoothie ingredients was the freezer door. A benign foe.

Freezers here are crazy small - about the size of a shoe box!

With a grab and a pull, said teenager opened the freezer door, but also broke it.
The hairy arm is Joe's for demonstrative purposes.

Unbeknownst to the teenager's parental units, the smoothie ingredients were duly retrieved and the door was propped back into place. Hours later, the next unsuspecting hungry person (who happened to be the teenager's dad) opened the freezer door only to have it fall off in his hand. Oops.

It was later determined that the freezer door was already cracked before the teenager got her fruit. It had just not broken all the way through. The teenager's decision to prop the door closed was a good one so the food inside wouldn't defrost, but it was determined that communicating that fact to other hungry people would have been a good idea.

Being that we are former homeowners, our first inclination was to fix the freezer door ourselves instead of enlisting the landlord. So Joe taped and glued the broken peg thingy (technical term!) and made an inquiry on the refrigerator manufacturer's (V-Zug) website about the cost to replace the door.

A little background: V-Zug is a Swiss appliance manufacturer. They make everything from ovens to washing machines to refrigerators. They are expensive, but if homeowners/landlords can afford it, they go with Swiss made V-Zug appliances above the German competitors, Siemens or Bosch or, to a much lessor extent, the Asian brands.

So, Joe used the Contact Us page on the V-Zug website to ask for a quote for a replacement freezer door. He even wrote the inquiry in Deutsch.  He had to include the serial number of the refrigerator on the form. While waiting for an email reply, we received a box in the mail! With the replacement freezer door! Two days after Joe hit 'send'!

Joe went back and checked, he never ordered the door. He simply asked for a price. But we got one. AND our landlord was informed. Apparently the serial number on the refrigerator is tied to a database that indicated that our landlord was the owner of the refrigerator, not us. But we were billed CHF142.55. (The US $ to CHF exchange rate is 1-to-1 as I write this today, 7th April, 2019.)

If it had been more than CHF150, the landlord would have been billed. Oh well.

Joe popped the new door in place and the smoothie fruit seeking teenager is now appropriately cautious when entering the frozen zone.

On a side note, after living in Switzerland for more than 18 months with a freezer the size of a shoe box we finally broke down and did what most Swiss people do. We bought a separate used freezer on (the Craigslist of Switzerland) for only CHF50! That is almost CHF100 less than the replacement freezer door! Go figure.
Made by Bosch.
Lots of room!

Our extra freezer lives in the basement...kind of an inconvenient convenience.

Today's poem is a gentle reminder that appliances in Switzerland need to be treated with care:

tiny icebox
flip open door
don't bust another
or we'll be poor
©2019, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.