Time Tango

Last night we changed our clocks for Daylight Savings Time. We sprang forward and lost an hour.

Yesterday at this time it was almost 11.

After not doing the 'Time Tango' twice a year for 7 years while living in Arizona, returning to DST here in Switzerland has taken some getting used to.

We're not alone in our struggles to adjust. Apparently, an overwhelming number of Swiss want to abolish DST for various reasons, not the least of which is the impact it has on the cows!

The one hour change in time apparently affects milking schedules to the point that farmers saw that it was worthy of a national vote in 1978. 52% of Swiss voters approved a measure to get rid of DST. The Swiss didn't have it for one year, in 1980, but reinstated it in 1981 after it was found to be too confusing and economically challenging to not be in the same time zone as the neighboring countries.

But DST is not very popular with the EU either. In fact, in a recent survey of 4.6 million people across Europe 84% backed a move to abolish DST.  The move was approved by the President of the European Commission, and scheduled to start March 2019.

Then why did we change our clocks last night? Apparently as the deadline drew near, the EU legislative body decided that it was too ambitious, so the change has been pushed back two years to April 2021. For now, the Swiss will stay 'in time' with the EU as they continue their 'Tango'.

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