Don't You Dare Rock Your Roll!

First of all, where does the time go? Seriously, I have every intention of posting every weekend and somehow  two weeks go by in the blink of an eye. How?

Ok, enough lamenting about my mysteriously disappearing hours...I'm here now.

Today I am sharing with you a quintessential Swiss experience.

Through a series of events I ended up with a pair of tickets to a Motown concert. I was supposed to go with a work colleague, but that fell through so it was Joe to the rescue! A date night was born. Yay!

The show was incredible!

The music!

The lights!

The show(wo)manship!

But watching this amazing spectacle in a Swiss audience was the most interesting part of the evening. First of all, it was in a seated theater venue, which was fine, but at the beginning of the show there was a list of rules. Because what is a Swiss event without rules to dictate how you will experience it?

The most important rule was to not stand or dance at your seat. At a concert! At a Motown concert! If you wanted to dance you had to go to the side aisles and boogie against a wall.

The Swiss take their rules very seriously. If you notice in the pictures above, the audience remained seated. For. The. Whole. Concert. A handful of brave souls shook their groove things on the side aisles, but the rest of the sold out audience remained seated, most of them stock still. Literally. No head bobbing. No clapping. No movement.

Lucky for me (though unlucky for the Swiss audience members behind me I suppose), the woman next to me was imbibing and really got into the music which allowed me to let my funky flag fly with my best seated dance moves. I head and shoulder bobbed. I clapped and snapped. I MOVED! We had a good time despite the prevailing Swiss cultural norms.

And I have to give props to the singers and musicians for giving such a high energy show to such a subdued and repressed Swiss crowd. Bravo!

Today's poem is dedicated to the rock-n-rolling stranger next to me:
My money was well spent
at this Swiss concert event 
because of your claps and snaps
among your compatriots' naps.
Thank you!
©2019, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


  1. No crowd movement is rather hard to believe, especially for Motown. It would be fun to hear the musician's reactions! Glad you finally got to let it out a bit, if even sitting down!

    1. It was crazy, Linda! It wasn't the whole crowd, but enough people were subdued that it was very noticeable. The performers were funny about it - and consummate professionals!

  2. The Swiss make us Brits look rampantly expressive!!

    1. Indeed, Dave! It was a surreal experience to say the least. =)

  3. I totally hear you about time leaping by. I love the idea of rules for concert-going!

    1. Time is a mysterious entity, Liz. I still haven't mastered the concept. Some day...there I go again. =)


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