Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Celebrating 2019...

...by reflecting on 2018!

We've had many blessings, visitors, and adventures this past year, here are some highlights:

Fireworks in Luzern

Fasnacht parade in Zug
Visit to a Chocolate Factory


Switzerland: Gnome Sweet Gnome.

We celebrated my mom's 90th and had a Uhlik Family Reunion in the US, but I somehow don't have pictures to document these events. :(

Celebrating Colleen's birthday in the US.
Gondola selfie in the Alps.
Euro FUZ-Moto visitors: Joe's brothers, Chris and Matt, Niece Nicole and Oliver, and Uncle Jerry.
Trip to Munich (and a German castle in countryside.)

Cherry Festival in Zug.
First trip to Prague.
Visiting with my brother, Joe, and his wife, Maria in Zurich.

We also had very special visitors, Joe's mom, Joan and her husband, Bernie, but somehow we did not get photo documentation of their visit either! Another photographic fail. :(

Knife making at the Victorinox factory. Warning on knife didn't help, I actually cut my hand the one and only time I've used my knife. It's hard being me...
Heat wave...ugh.

Second trip to Prague with Anna, Dave, ...

...Katica and Tim.
Personal tour of London by Dave and Anna which included a visit to the m&m store - my happy place.

Visit from my sister, Helen.
Selfie on Lake Zug.

Birthday lunch in Milan!
Mo's Halloween costume: can you guess who she is?
Move to our new flat in Hunenberg See
Celebrating Thanksgiving eating turkey flavored chips on a train to Zurich to eat overpriced burritos!

Trip to the US to see a lot of family, but most especially, Colleen!

We traveled to the US for two weeks and saw a ton of family, but again, my deficient ability to remember to take photos foiled me again! Arg!

I've mixed up a special Resolution Recipe poem for your enjoyment. En Guete!

1 cup goal
a dollop of optimism
a dusting of humor
a pinch of courage
​a heaping spoonful of resolve
and as much Swiss chocolate as necessary
Mix all together,
simmer on low.
Take baby steps -
remember, go slow.
If you falter
and​ things boil over,
just recommit
and start over.
When others doubt
with their audacity,
focus on your goal -
keep your tenacity.
Serves: yourself. 
©2019, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I plan to bring you more news and adventures from Switzerland in 2019. Thanks for joining us on our journey.
B, J, M and S



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    1. Thanks, my love! And thanks for commenting. for. the. first. time. :)

  2. I remember some of these. What a year of adventure and learning and exasperation and fun. Wishing you a wonderful 2019, new home & new job, Bridget!

    1. Thank you, Linda! Happy new year, too! All the best in 2019 :)

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    1. Thanks, Jeanette! I hope 2019 cooks up to be the best year ever for you. :)

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    1. Thank you, Liz! Wishing you all good food and friendship in 2019. :)