Cautionary Tales...or News Stories

I regularly keep up with the news in Switzerland using online newspapers. Seeing how I am not fluent in Swiss German (or High German, for that matter) I have to rely on English language newspapers.

The two sources I read for Swiss national news are: and  Both do a pretty good job of giving an overview of what is happening all over Switzerland, including the Swiss political position on issues that relate to the rest of the world. They keep to the facts and offer many insights into life in Switzerland.

For local news from all of the cities in Kanton Zug, I check the local online newspaper in English: This newspaper publishes a mix of local political news, business news, human interest stories, auto accidents, crime news - all with a cautionary tone.

When the news story involves a Swiss person, the reporter will usually just mention the gender and age of the person. For example, this story tells of a Swiss person who got injured on the job:

Or this one about an auto accident:
Gender is included here.

In the next one, the punishment for the Swiss driver is suspiciously absent from the story:

But if a news story involves a non-Swiss person, their nationality is ALWAYS mentioned. And when the non-Swiss person has committed some kind of crime, the punishment is always spelled out.
Here is one about excessive speed by a non-Swiss person:

At least he didn't get deported...because many do:

Can you imagine? Getting deported for shoplifting less than 500CHF worth of goods!

I find it very interesting that the local paper in a high expat Kanton chooses to write their articles in such a way. On the national news sites, there is rarely a mention of the nationalities or the punishment of the persons accused in the news stories.

Today's poem is a snapshot of my daily reading habits:

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wary words
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