Just Another Thursday in November

As most of you know, this past week Thanksgiving was celebrated in the United States.

In Switzerland, it was just another Thursday in November.

As Americans living abroad we couldn't let the holiday pass without a nod to what makes America great, being a country of immigrants. And as we are living an immigrant experience ourselves, we wanted to eat something that we missed the most from America - Mexican food!

So last Thursday we went to Zurich for our Thanksgiving meal. On the train we warmed up for the main meal with a 'traditional' starter course:

These chips are made by a British company and sold in a German-owned grocery story in Switzerland! How's that for multi-national?

After our tasty starter, we ended up at the only Mexican restaurant we've been to in Switzerland that we'd return to, La Taqueria in Zurich.

*Stay tuned for a story about our first 'Swixican" experience below.

Frosty night in Zurich. (That's my, "Just take the picture!" face.)

It was a logical choice as we have never really been fans of traditional turkey with all the fixings (much to Colleen's chagrin over the years), and these foods are hard to come by here and are very expensive (even by Swiss standards).

But then again, Mexican food is also hard to come by and is very expensive in Switzerland. Go figure?

Can you imagine these prices in the US?

But our meal was worth the time and the expense because no other food reminds us more of home than Mexican food. Actually, if you think about it, our meal was a quintessential Thanksgiving experience since we ordered our food in another language and expressed our thankfulness in our own language while eating food foreign to the host country - just like the first Thanksgiving celebrants! An immigrant experience if there ever was one.

No blog post about food is complete without pictures of our food:
My California burrito.
Mo's taquitos.
And Joe's chicken burrito.

The burritos were accompanied by a side of a few chips and cold, red cabbage. They almost got it right.

Speaking of sides, or at least the other side of the world, politics played a part in the holiday when we saw this picture propped up in front of the cash register:
We understand the sentiment.

*As promised above, here is the story about our first 'Swixican' meal. When we arrived at the end of July 2017 we were put up in a little hotel in the village of Sins, one canton over from Zug. Being that we were in a hotel, we couldn't cook, so we had to eat out. One night we went to a restaurant down the road called Mexicana. Safe bet for Mexican food, right? Well, no. First off, the 'beans' in our burritos were kidney beans and green beans! There was not a pinto bean or black bean in sight, refried or otherwise! And instead of rice and beans on the side, the plate was covered with Swiss potatoes. And for this culinary treat, we paid about 150CHF. It has taken me more than a year to talk about the trauma of this dining experience.

Today's poem shows that it doesn't matter what's on the Thanksgiving menu as long as you are thankful.

with burritos
that cost many Francs
we non-traditionally
gave our thanks
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

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