Hairy Expense

Hair. We all have it (or know someone who does). And periodically it needs to be cut. For a woman to get a professional haircut here in Kanton Zug she must plan to pay a pretty penny. I checked out local salon prices and nearly gagged at the numbers:

wash, cut, blow dry - 94CHF

just a wash and blow dry - 50CHF

dyed highlights - 90 to 160 CHF

Frankly, I can't pay these prices on principle. So how do I manage to maintain my oh so (cough, cough) stylish do?

I'm lucky enough to have my own personal hair stylist, Joe-ay!

He does a fantastic job and the price is right! And for the color:
$10 a box imported via very kind relatives from the US

For men, a hair cut is still pretty expensive. Last year Joe went to a barber shop and ended up paying 40CHF for his hair cut. That never happened again. That's when my hair cutting skills were cultivated. Who knew wielding clippers could be so fun. Unfortunately I do not have photographic evidence as our resident photographer (Mo) was not home the last time I cut Joe's hair. But trust me, I enjoy the process. (Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

Hair cutting is not the only area of one's budget that gets stretched when you live here in Switzerland. Hidden costs lurk in the most mundane of places. Like moving.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that we recently moved. And as expected, our move came with various expenses - some expected and some unexpected. Since living here we've come to accept the fact that expenses and Switzerland are somewhat synonymous, but the two bills that came last week even took us by surprise.

One bill was from the Gemeinde (local community) office in the city of Zug, where we moved from. It was for 76CHF:

They literally charged us to move out of the city.

Then we received another bill from the Gemeinde office in the city of H├╝nenberg, where we live now. It was for 60CHF:

This time we were charged to move into the city. Actually I'm not exactly sure what service was provided or what we purchased that warranted these bills, but we can't get too uptight about it as it costs what it costs to live here in Switzerland.

Today's poem is provided at no cost to you - a rarity here in Switzerland.
at a shop
cut costs a lot
but at home
cheap coiffed dome
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