My Dog Hijacked My Blog

Dear Wee Words for Wee Ones Readers,

Smidgey here. This week I'VE taken over mom's keyboard. Woof.

It's not like she's using it much these days anyway as SHE'S NEVER HOME ANYMORE. Boo-hoo-aroo!

She's actually not gone ALL the time, but it sure feels like it. Yip-yip! Mom used to be my special buddy. She fed me. She worked on her computer while I 'helped' (sat on her feet). Between her comings and goings, she ALWAYS took me on a loooong midday walk. But no more...aaaa-rrroooo!

At first I was pretty mad at her. Grrr.

Now I just mope around the house trying to find things to do. Arf.

Should I jump up here and see if there are any crumbs?

Or here? Something smells good...

One day I jumped up HERE and did my business. Not because I had to go particularly bad, but because I was MAD.

BTW, it was only #1, but you would have thought it was #2 because dad was ANGRY! Whimmmmmmper.

I know I shouldn't have, but I had to let them know that I am NOT happy with this new life situation. They moved me and mom abandoned me. All. In. The. Same. Week.

But now that it has been a couple of weeks, I realize life isn't as terrible as I thought. Woof.

Dad comes home in the middle of the day once in a while (apparently his work is really close to this new place) to let me 'relieve' myself (not on his bed).

And Mo gets home much earlier than she used to! I overheard them talking about how her school is really close, too. This makes me happy.

See my grin?

The only one not close is Mom. But she still always feeds me in the morning and she makes it a point to take me on looooong walks on the weekends - even when Dad wants to go home early. She's good like that. Yip-yip.

My life has changed, but it is not all bad. I've still got my rawhide and my comfy pillow and red blanket.
I'm pretty adept at selfies, aren't I?

And now I have time for writing poetry! Yappity yap-yap! Check out my latest poem below.

Bis später, (I even have time to learn German!)
Smidgey 💗

home alone
too much time on my paws
peed on a bed
dad angry with just cause
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