Here in Switzerland there are no smoke detectors in the houses and apartments.


This is a big difference from most of the rest of Europe and definitely from the US. When we owned rental property in the US we had to provide smoke detectors, CO2 detectors and fire extinguishers for our tenants. Here, none of those things are provided by the landlord.

All the landlord in our apartment has provided is a Fire Blanket:

That's not to say we live in a tinderbox that's about to combust. Actually our building is quite modern and well built. One fire safety feature is that the front door to our apartment is a fire door. A tag on the inside edge of the door, near the hinges tells of its fire rating.
Front door.

Of course, ours is written in German.
Every other door in the apartment has similar fire door features, but without the tag.  All of these doors are metal skinned and designed to take a minimum amount of time for a typical building fire to burn through to the other side.

There is also a flange around the outer edge of every door so that they can seal against gasses (oxygen) moving from one side to the other, spreading the fire.  The door frames are also metal and in the modern buildings, they are filled with concrete as well.
The door flange seals...
...up against the frame.

Our doors close so tight that in addition to reducing the spread of fire and smoke between separate rooms of our apartment, it also keeps our apartment VERY quiet. This apartment is quieter than any other place we've ever lived - most of which were single family homes. Go figure!
Closed tight.

Another safety feature our apartment has is that each bedroom is numbered for the fire department.
Our room.
Guest room.
And Mo's room.

Speaking of the fire department, in Switzerland there is not a single emergency number like 911. In order to call the fire department you dial 118, to call the police you dial 117, and for an ambulance you dial 144. I have programmed all of these numbers into my phone so as to not forget them in case of an emergency. 😃

Today's poem is what I will probably do if I ever need to call the fire department (knock on wood that I NEVER do).
118! Feuer! Hilf mir bitte!
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