Presidental Perspectives

Since moving to Switzerland we have witnessed the widely different ways the Swiss view their President and the current US President.

The Swiss Presidency is a position held by one member of the seven member Federal Assembly for one year. The Presidential duties rotate among the members, with each becoming President once over a 7 year period. While the position of President is not the Swiss head of state, the entire Federal Council is the collective head of state, it is still very important and highly regarded. But not so highly regarded that the person in that position can't get his pants dirty.

Case in point, the current Swiss President, Alain Berset, was recently spotted at the UN General Assembly getting down and dirty:
Picture from swissinfo


Then there is the image we saw of the current US President in Zurich - just plain dirty:
Mo and I saw this on a street corner.

Can you guess which of these two Presidents I took a poetic "snapshot" of?
plump belly
grumpy lips
squinty eyes
hateful script

neon hair
ill fitting suit
an unfortunate
lying brute
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