Paprika: Spice of (Swiss) Life

We've discovered that Paprika is a popular spice here in Switzerland, not quite to the extent of Hungary, but the Swiss do like their red pepper*.

We've eaten more foods spiced with Paprika in the last year than in our entire life - when we usually only had it on potato salad or deviled eggs.

The Swiss put it on fish:

On chicken:

And on chips. On a recent evening we had the Magee/Uhlik Chip Tasting Experiment to determine which Paprika potato chip was the best.

The opponents were:
Chio brand

Crusti Croc brand (isn't that a great name?!)

And Zweifel brand

We chomped and chewed, we crunched and munched - all in the name of science. (You're welcome.)

And the winner is...
                                     ...depends who you ask!

Maureen preferred Chio:
 I preferred Crusti Croc:
And Joe preferred Zweifel:
Now we have three good choices to get our fill of Paprika (oh, and salt) because as they say, variety is the SPICE of life. 
*Paprika is made by grinding the pods of the pepper plant capsicum annium. The most common pepper to make Paprika is the sweet red pepper.

I hope today's poem equates to a wonderful day for you:
Paprika + potato = a spicy relation-chip
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