Paprika: Spice of (Swiss) Life

We've discovered that Paprika is a popular spice here in Switzerland, not quite to the extent of Hungary, but the Swiss do like their red pepper*.

We've eaten more foods spiced with Paprika in the last year than in our entire life - when we usually only had it on potato salad or deviled eggs.

The Swiss put it on fish:

On chicken:

And on chips. On a recent evening we had the Magee/Uhlik Chip Tasting Experiment to determine which Paprika potato chip was the best.

The opponents were:
Chio brand

Crusti Croc brand (isn't that a great name?!)

And Zweifel brand

We chomped and chewed, we crunched and munched - all in the name of science. (You're welcome.)

And the winner is...
                                     ...depends who you ask!

Maureen preferred Chio:
 I preferred Crusti Croc:
And Joe preferred Zweifel:
Now we have three good choices to get our fill of Paprika (oh, and salt) because as they say, variety is the SPICE of life. 
*Paprika is made by grinding the pods of the pepper plant capsicum annium. The most common pepper to make Paprika is the sweet red pepper.

I hope today's poem equates to a wonderful day for you:
Paprika + potato = a spicy relation-chip
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


Joan and Bernie said...

It's great to see your happy, after-paprika-chips faces, but now I'm hungry.

Helen M said...

Does Coop carry all three brands? Just wondering whose brand is most likely to be brought home.

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks, Joan! I highly recommend Paprika chips to satiate your nibbles. =)

Bridget Magee said...

No, Coop only carries the brand Joe likes (and it is mighty expensive!) Mo and my choices are at Lidl. You got to try the Paprika tortilla chips when you were here, Helen, what did you think?

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