Lost in Translation

Learning German has been a humbling experience. (understatement)

All three of us have struggled, but after living here for a year we can proudly say we speak Deutsch at the level of a toddler! 😀

Some German words look the same as English words, but don't quite mean the same thing.

For example, gross means big.

Um, dick means fat.

And Joe's personal favorite, probefahrt means test drive. (slight spelling variation)

Then every once in a while we come across a German word that is spot on, though unintentionally.

Case in point, the name of a bus stop on a route near our house:

When you step back and look at the bigger picture...

...you realize this bus stop is right in front of a dairy cow farm.

Not a "shock" that it smells 'rank' here...
Even the graffiti is spot on.


...because of these gals:

For clarification, 'rank' in German means vine or slender. Not sure why this bus stop is named Rank, though, because there are no vines in sight and those cows are not slender.

Today's poem has an aroma of its own.
transportation officials' ability
to name a destination
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