Happy Go Clucky

Here in Switzerland, we have happy chickens.

And happy eggs.

 A sign along the path behind our neighborhood tells us so:
"Eggs from happy chickens"

One thing I love about Switzerland is the signs all over the area educating the populous, local and foreign, about what is happening on the land around you.

Here is a sign about the local chicken/egg production in front of a farmer's hen house:
"Laying Hens..."

The top part of the sign translates to:
"More than 10 million chickens are kept in Switzerland, of which around 2.5 million are responsible for egg production.  The average egg consumption per capita in Switzerland is 180 per year. This means that one laying hen produces eggs for two (persons) per year. Self-sufficiency in table eggs in Switzerland was 75 percent."

Despite all the educational signs, the eternal question remains: which came first, the happy chicken or the happy egg?
Happy hens smiling.

The eggs look happy, don't they?
I may be accused of fowl (word) play with this poem, but I stand by it (literally):
A chicken dance...
chickens little
chickens big
Swiss hens have
a lucky gig
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Great title.
    Great poem.
    Awesome chicken dance!

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed, the chickens are always having fun in Switzerland! Thanks for commenting, J&B! =)


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