Hot Spot

I know a lot of you reading this blog right now are hot, sticky, and generally uncomfortable at this point in the summer. Well, here in Switzerland, we are too.

Here in Zug we are experiencing an extended heat wave. These are the temperatures from this week - the second week of unseasonably high temperatures:
91.4 F
91.4 F

89.6 F

It's has been so hot that the Zug Cantonal government imposed a complete ban on fireworks, including public displays, for Swiss National Day which was August 1st. (Think 4th of July with ZERO fireworks.) It was interesting to note that there was 100% compliance with the ban - NO ONE set off fireworks. That made Wednesday a hot and sad day. 😧

For us personally, we've experienced extreme heat having lived in Tucson for many years. Right now in Switzerland it is not quite as hot as it got in the desert, but what makes this heat wave note worthy is the fact that there is NO air conditioning. Anywhere. OK, that is not 100% true, some buses and trains have AC, but others do not. Some public buildings/stores have AC, but many don't. And home/apartments almost across the board do not have AC. Our's included.

So we've become fans of the fan:
Go, fan, go!

And one night, to get overnight relief from the heat, we spent the night under the stars the balcony above us!

First we lowered the shades and moved the patio furniture / BBQ to make space on our balcony:

Then we laid out "tarps" (old rain ponchos from when we lived in Wisconsin!)

Then we put out mattresses:
You didn't think we would be 'roughing it', did you?

We put Smidgey's bed out there so she could join us:
She ended up sleeping on Mo's bed - what a surprise.

I'd love to say that we had a good night's sleep, but we didn't. At. All.
Turns out you can hear your neighbors, their dogs, and traffic much more when you are outside. Go figure! But it was a fun one night experiment.

The forecast for the next few days doesn't offer much relief:
At least we have a fan.

Here's a 'cool' little advice poem that will hopefully provide you with some relief from the heat:
no matter where you are
in this extreme heat
drink plenty of water
then repeat

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