Cleanliness Is Next To...


That saying is nowhere truer than in Switzerland, where the Swiss take cleaning to the next level.

Case in point, public bathrooms (or WC (water closet), Toiletten, toilettes).

Every public bathroom we've been in has been equipped with a toilet brush.

Every. One.

Some take the cleanliness to the next level and provide toilet seat cleaner.

But the best is when they give you explicit instructions on what to, after you doo.

Even in English!

I also love that they even have red dots on the sign to direct you exactly where to clean.

Today's poem is about the best possible thing I've overheard in a public bathroom:
a cheer and clapping

echoes off the bathroom stall walls

potty training success
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Linda B said...

Always interesting to see how others view the WCs!

Bridget Magee said...

Yes, WC's are a universal necessity but with cultural variations. Thanks for commenting, Linda. =)

Helen M said...

Do they need the sign because the public restrooms need to be cleaned differently then the home wc? Just wondering.

Bridget Magee said...

I think the sign is a not so subtle reminder that you are expected to clean up after yourself and not wait for a janitor. It works, the WC's are clean here. =)

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