All American Teenager

It's tough moving across the world. For a teenager, it is that much tougher.
Besides missing immediate family...
Loki and Colleeny

...and extended family and friends, Maureen misses certain American foods (followed close behind by living where the dominant language is English!)

So for her 15th birthday (which was Wednesday) we tried to add a bit of America to her special day.
We started off by making waffles on her very own birthday waffle iron:
We haven't found a place in Switzerland...

...that has waffles until now - home!
And the best part is that they are:

Then we took the train to the Zurich bahnhof in search of her desired "birthday cake":
There are only 5 locations in the whole country!
As with most things in Switzerland, they don't come cheap...
And for her birthday dinner she wanted the most All American meal of all:
And "birthday cake"!

Oh to be 15 and to be able to eat like this...Joe and I didn't fair well that evening. 😳

Another food Maureen really misses is Cheddar Cheese. I know, right? In the land of cheese, she wants the orange stuff that is common place in the US. Then this week she found this at our local grocery store:
They are packaged like Kraft singles but taste like cheddar.

I have to admit, that there are some foods I, too, miss from the US: Skippy peanut butter and Toll House chocolate chips. Maybe next time you visit you could smuggle me some?

Today's poem is for my All American Teenage Birthday Girl who luckily is still on summer vacation:
birthday teenager
celebrates by sleeping in
a slumber party
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


    Hippo, birdy, two ewes ;-)

  2. you can take the teenager out of America but.....

    1. True that, Dave. The shadow of American junk food is everywhere... But she had a great day. =)

  3. Happy Birthday to Maureen. Sorry I missed that very day. I'm glad to read about her wishes. I think I'd miss McDonald's too, though I go very few times, only when a granddaughter wants to. Waffles, sad to hear they aren't available, but glad you now can have them, & chocolate chip waffles are very good, when you can find them. (Chopped chocolate?)

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes, Linda! Maureen had a good day. Yes, McDonald's is a once in a while treat - our aging stomachs can't handle it any more often. We've been chopping chocolate to make do without proper American chips, but our cookies are just not the same. (not a bad problem to have, I know ;)

  4. Belated happy birthday, Mo. I really did think of you on the 8th but did not have an address (e or snail) for you. And I figured out why you can't find waffles, you're not in Belgium. Enjoy your custom treats.

    1. Mo says thanks! We visited a Belgium chocolate shop in Prague! How's that for mixing our cultural mediums? Looking forward to your visit next month, sistah! =)


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