Stray Cat Struts Where Ever He Wants To

One of my favorite 80's songs rattles through my aging brain every time I see a cat skulking about here in Switzerland
 On a typical day I see:
Some are indoor/outdoor cats:
Cat on cat ladder - click on pic to see cat 1/3 of way down.
It's for a second story apartment!
And some are stray cats:
Oops, there goes Brian Setzer's voice again because there are A LOT of cats in Switzerland.
 Seeing so many cats outdoors has been striking to me because when we lived in Tucson we rarely saw an outdoor cat. In our neighborhood, an outside cat was a dead cat because of the desert critters (coyotes/bobcats/etc). 
But apparently it is striking because there really ARE a lot stray cats here in Switzerland. According to, there are between 100,000 and 300,000 stray cats prowling around Switzerland! That's a lot of 80's music brain fodder!
For how many cats are out and about, none seem to be lacking, as the size and girth of this fella can attest:

Today's poem shows what I would imagine the progression would be for a cat to go from a stray cat to a stay (at home) cat:
Wander cat,
squander cat,
hiding where we launder cat.

Fraidy cat,
lady cat,
life on the streets, shady cat.

Skinny cat,
mini cat,
eats out of a trash tinny cat.

Scratchy cat,
patchy cat,
two wounds that matchy cat.

Sticky cat,
licky cat,
got into something icky cat.

Mewing cat,
stewing cat,
gonna need some wooing cat.

Furry cat,
purry cat,
now she's not in a hurry cat.

Huggy cat,
snuggy cat,
she's getting to be a pudgy cat.

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