Our "Prague"-ative: Part 1

My apologies for not posting for a week or so. We took a trip to the land of Joe's ancestors, the Czech Republic.

Today is Part 1: Prague.

We saw SO much:
Charles Bridge
Statue for Czech author Franz Kafka

City observatory tower...
...selfie from the top.

And churches...

...and lots...
...of churches.

But a trip to Prague would not be complete without a visit to the castle, Praha Hrad:
Complete with crown...

...and throne...
...and knights in armor.

But the most interesting part of the castle for me was the guards:
We thought they were mannequins...
...but they are real.

And quite popular for photo ops.

Granted, they don't quite have the hardcore hats like the Queen's Guards in the UK with their bearskin hats or the Pope's Swiss Guards in Vatican City with their distinctive hats, but these Czech Guards are serious about their job. 

First of all they stand perfectly still for an hour at a time - no matter the weather or who is taking a picture of them. Then, a few minutes before the top of the hour, they have the changing of the guards. A small troop of guards march through the plaza:

Then an army soldier with a real automatic weapon clears the tourist away from the guards on duty...

...so the guards can do their fancy 10 point turn:
Meeting in the middle...
...to join the formation.

Lots of pomp and circumstance (and large weapons).

My poetry skills are bit rusty because of our holiday so I am feeling a little 'guarded' about today's poem:
centuries of sentries
watch·men with a strong·hold
on their weapons
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I always wonder, what if they need to scratch their noses! An hour is a long time. Clearly they do have a "strong-hold".

    1. I've wondered that, too, Linda. Luckily these guys got to wear dark glasses so they could look around without being noticed. I think that would help make things easier/more interesting. =)

  2. They look great and are awesome for the tourists, but I can hardly imagine a more boring job. Prague looks like a great place to visit. I hope to see it someday too. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. I agree, Chris, boring as all get out. Standing stock still, staring ahead for an hour at a time can not be fun. Hopefully it pays well. Yes, come visit Prague with us! =)


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