Cherry On Top

Canton Zug, is known for many things: favorable tax laws, Blockchain/Bitcoin hub, and for cherries. Yes, the small, red, tangy fruit is a big deal in Zug.
Cherries are a big crop and...
...cherry trees are prolific throughout the Canton.

So much so that they have a huge, 200 year old, traditional festival, complete with the 'Chriesisturm' or Cherry Race.

To mark the beginning of cherry season in Zug the 'Chriesigloggä' (cherry bell) of St. Michael's Church peals at noon on the last Monday in June and then locals run a race through 'Altstadt' (old town) carrying 8.1-meter long ladders:
Down one street...
...and up the other.

Women run the race, too, but without the ladders. They run with a basket strapped to their back:

And kids from the local elementary school take part as well:
Boys and girls carrying ladders.

The winners of the races don't receive anything other than bragging rights. But it is big fun to be in a huge crowd shouting "Hopp! Hopp! Hopp!" (Go! Go! Go!) as the runners go by. And for being a Monday at noon, the crowd was big:
Lots of cherry fans.

Even TV coverage.

Things culminate with a large lunch for the participants and a cherry farmers market for the public by Lake Zug:

Lots of cherries for sale.
But the best part for our family is:

Today's poem is meant to be sweet, but may be the pits, depending on the reader:
cherry season
is the reason
for the ladder race

cherries fresh
pit and flesh
belong in my face
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.