A Theatrical Experience

We finally went to the movies here in Switzerland. Rumors of high ticket prices, the uncertainty about what language the movie would be shown in, the ability to stream movies at home coupled with there not being many movies that seemed 'worth it'  has caused us to wait almost a year to see a movie in a movie theater. Then Ocean's 8 came out and Maureen REALLY wanted to see it, so we went. (As an aside, when a movie opens in the US, it usually opens here at the same time.)

We bought our tickets:
CHF 17.00 is not terrible, but not cheap.

The guy pointed upstairs so we knew which way to go to get to our theater. Once inside, we found some seats and waited for the movie to start.
We chose to sit in the last row.
Movie theater selfie.

The first difference we noticed from going to the movies in the US is that there are NO previews. The lights dim and the movie starts...ON TIME.
And just so you know, the movie was in English with German and French subtitles. I actually looked this up ahead of time and saw that every showtime has the languages listed. So for our show it was listed: Edf (capital E for language of movie, in this case English, lower case d and f for language(s) of subtitles, in this case Deutsch  and French).
Movies always play in the language they were made in - no dubbing, just subtitles.

So we're watching Ocean's 8 - enjoying Sandra Bullock's master mind and Mindy Kaling's jeweler skills when the movie stopped. Boom! Right in the middle of an action scene, the film turns off, the lights go up, and ads start to flash on the screen. We were like, what the what? Then we realized...INTERMISSION!
Advertising my favorite candy.

During intermission we noticed the people right in front of us looking back at us, whispering, looking back at us, whispering. I didn't know why they kept looking back, but I figured it had to do with them hearing us speak English or something. We didn't pay too much attention to them, we just waited for the movie to start again. 10 minutes later, it did.

After the movie, we walked home talking about James Cordon's role and Rhianna's dress, happy with our first successful outing to a movie theater. Then the next morning I took a really good look at the movie ticket. I was shocked to realize there was a ROW number:
Row 9!

And a SEAT number:
Seat 6!

It even tells you which door to enter the theater through:
Eingang = enter / OG = upper floor / Links = left

We entered on the RIGHT side of the theater, sat in the 20th row, in seats 6, 7, and 8 (got the seats right!). It is no wonder why those people were staring at us - we were sitting in the wrong seats! Who would have thought that they have assigned seats in a movie theater - the Swiss, of course! Now we know for next time...in 2019?

Today's poem was inspired by that night:
trilingual movie
with an intermission
sitting in wrong seats
nearly an inquisition  
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