Safety First...and Second...and Third...

Building on Tuesday's post about bicycles, today we talk safety.

Bike safety.

Swiss bike safety.

The Swiss don't take it for granted that parents will teach bike safety, so they teach it in the local schools with the help of the police.
Red arrow points to the officer in charge of this group.

During one of our jaunts with Smidgey this week, we stumbled upon a bike safety class in action. The first part of the class involved chalk drawings and toy cars illustrating various traffic scenerios:
Learning to navigate a roundabout on bike.

There were about 10-12 kids (they looked to be in 3rd or 4th grade) and one police officer. All the kids had helmets with earpieces on. The officer spoke quietly into a small microphone on his helmet, then all the kids, presumably hearing it in their helmets, would wheel into action.

They practiced in the roundabout with cars. They practiced staying in the bike lanes as cars whizzed past. And they practiced exiting the bike lane to make a left turn at small side street that leads back to their school. I was impressed with the kids' confidence and skills, even with traffic bustling around them. Interestingly, there was no signage warning drivers that this training was taking place.

Today's poem is safe for all road conditions:
hand signals
a roundabout way
to learn 
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