Mountain Hamster Wheel

That's what the round cars of the Stoos Bahn look like:

This is the world's steepest funicular (cliff) railway. It is 1,720 meters long (just over a mile), it gets as high as 2,437 feet up and moves along gradients as steep as 110%, which no funicular car has ever done before.

Even at the steep gradients, the funicular moves at a steady pace with a maximum speed of 22 mph (10 meters per second).

We rode the Stoos Bahn from Schwyz (next canton over from Zug) to the tiny village of Stoos (about 100 residents).
Entering Stoos.

Each car can hold up to 34 people.
We were the first ones on...

Each car or 'hamster wheel' is a rotating drum that keeps passengers level as the gradient changes. The cars are big enough to accommodate people and all their ski equipment because in winter Stoos is a popular ski resort area.
The views on the way up...
...and on the way down...

Even the view into the other car:

Or from another angle within the car:

Joe was in 7th heaven with the Swiss engineering and mechanics:

In Stoos itself, the most friendly resident we met was this gal:

All in all it was a beautiful day in the Alps.
Alpine MagLicks.

When you visit us we will take you to Stoos via the Stoos Bahn. Until you can get here, the Swiss government has set up webcams so you can share the view.

Today's poem has its ups and downs, depending on how you look at it:
we roll up 
and down
the mountain range

we stay level
the elevation change 
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