Mood Pants

You may have heard of mood rings. You know, the rings that change color depending on your mood. Well, from what I've observed in Switzerland, you can tell a Swiss persons mood by the color of their pants.

When the weather is cold, cloudy, or dreary, you tend to see a lot of black, gray, and dark blue clothing. But when the sun comes out (and it is warm), people unleash their wardrobe rainbow! And I'm not talking about their shirts. No, brightly colored pants are all the rage! Here is a rainbow of pants spotted on a recent sunny day in Switzerland:






OK, I know fuchsia is not really a color of the rainbow, but we didn't see a single violet pair of pants. Maybe violet is is pushing the boundary of Swiss sensibilities.

But none of these pants can compare to Lederhosen, but I think that will be a post for another day. 😀

Today's poem is in honor of Swiss bold fashion choices (when the weather is right).

dreary day
gloomy wear
sunny day
kaleidoscope flare
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