Fussball Fever

Hopp Schwiiz!! (meaning:Go Switzerland!)

The World Cup just 'kicked' off (see what I did there?) and the Swiss are excited.  

From what I have observed, there are two sports in Switzerland: ice hockey (which I have blogged about here, here, and here) in winter and fussball (soccer) in summer. 

We are currently in high gear for soccer.

In Zug, the local mall has World Cup fever:
In the middle of the mall...


...with foosball tables available!

Naturally, the Swiss are rooting for the home team. They have their first match on Sunday against Brazil.

But just in case the Swiss get too carried away with their excitement and celebrate too loudly, the Zug police have issued this warning, "...the celebration of a particular team's victory is no excuse for the excessive use of car horns." They are really outlining how residents can celebrate.

Here's the article from yesterday's local newspaper:

But in the canton of Vaud they are bit more lenient...for an hour or so:

I love that authorities have already thought ahead on how to manage Swiss emotions. 

Today's poem is short and sweet, just like the Swiss celebratory excitement is supposed to be:



Hopp Schwiiz!
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