Cheesy Machine

Q: What do the Swiss call Swiss cheese?

A: Cheese.

And guess where you can buy it?

In a vending machine:

Well, at least one.

Outside the Lustenberger + Dürst SA Cheese Factory in Hünenberg See, a small village in Canton Zug, there is a Käseautomat.

It has quite an assortment of cheeses (and sausages and crackers) to choose from:
Reflective of our choice reflection.
 Decisions, decisions, decisions...

A chunk of cheese?

Parmesan cheese with a grater?
Great price!

Or fondue?

We went with the chunk, the Parmesan/grater combo, and then Mo got a hankering for sausages and crackers. But the crackers proved to be too much for the machine because it went kaput! After eating 7CHF of our money.

Joe called the customer service number on the machine, but unfortunately it was a bank holiday (last Thursday) so no one answered. When we got home, Joe emailed. Within a day, Joe got a response from a cheese representative. In the email he thanked Joe for his feedback on our experience, then he wrote this:

How's that for customer service? I love that the guy refers to the vending machine as a "very busy colleague". So cute!

Joe opted for cheese-by-mail and we look forward to a dairy surprise any day now.

Today's poem is a wee bit cheesy (and perhaps a little stinky, too):
stare at machine
decide which treat
coins drop *plunk*
can't wait to eat

wire spins round
cheese choice drops
repeat these steps
machine abruptly stops

email is sent
rectifying talks
one day soon
cheesy mail box 
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