Cheesy Customer Service

Earlier in the month I did a post on a local cheese vending machine. Using the machine was a fun experience until we lost 7CHF trying to get Maureen some beef jerky sticks. (Should have known with the word 'jerk' in the name. 😉 )

After Joe sent a quick email outlining what happened, a Lustenberger + Dürst customer service representative promised us a package of random products for our troubles.

Then the other day we got our dairy surprise hand delivered to our mailbox!

Inside the box was a lot more than 7CHF worth of food!
Chock full of cheesy goodness!
We got:
The block Parmesan/grater set...

...fancy Swiss cheese...

...some more fancy Swiss cheese...

...and of course, the beef jerky 'Party Sticks' that caused all the trouble with the machine in the first place.

Overall, Lustenberger + Dürst Cheese Factory went OVER and ABOVE on their customer service. We are a family of happy cheese eaters.
Here's my poetry morsel for the day:
hand delivered
dairy surprise
customer service
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  1. Replies
    1. Indeed we did, Chris! Too bad you weren't here to share our bounty. Luckily we were able to share it with Joan and Bernie. Thanks for commenting. =)

  2. Wow! Nice! I love hearing about your adventures.

    1. Thanks, Liz! I appreciate you reading about our adventures - cheesy or otherwise. =)

  3. I can't imagine that level of service from a vending machine debacle. Where is that vending machine located?

    1. I know, right? We were pleasantly surprised. The machine is in a smaller village (where we've actually looked at possible apartments) about 15 min by train from our house - not far. When you visit, we will take you there, Jeanette. =)


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