Surf's Up a river!

Last weekend we visited Munich, Germany. We saw many incredible sights:
The Bavarian State Chancellery

Marienplatz (with A LOT of people).

Chinesischer Turm (which is actually a beer garden).

The Deutsches Museum...

...where Joe was in machine tool heaven!

But the most incredible sight was the people SURFING in the Eisbach River in the middle of the English Gardens (a huge public park in the center of Munich). Water flowing over concrete slabs creates a wave and the locals surf on it.
This guy surfed back...

...and forth across the narrow channel.

This is where the surfers get in and get used to the water...

...then they line up on the other side of the channel to wait for their turn to surf. There was even one woman!

 But this activity is not without its dangers AND warnings:
Hazard! If the skull doesn't discourage you I don't what will.

As you can see, the surfers are all wearing wet suits. Apparently the water doesn't get much above 60 degrees F, even in the middle of summer. In fact, the name Eisbach literally means Ice Stream.

We will definitely be returning to Munich sooner than later - there is SO much to see.

My poem is dedicated to the surfers of Munich:
balancing the risk
with the brisk
undulating surfers 
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