Since spring has sprung here in Zug, so have the fountains.
The huge fountain in Lake Zug has been turned on:
We live in a postcard.

The water is flowing at the historic Kolin fountain in Altstadt. It was first erected in 1541!
From far away...

...and up close.

The guy standing on top is either a knight banner, another military figure or a member of the Kolin family - no one knows for sure. But water has flowed out of its pipes since the 16th century - how cool is that?

Another historic fountain is a block over from the Kolin fountain. It was erected at around the same time and has a similarly outfitted guy on top:

The details of the water spouts are amazing:

The coolest thing about these historic fountains (see what I did there...'coolest') is that the water flowing out is cool and clean. You could fill your water bottle or fill a pitcher of water for your customers, as I once saw a waiter doing for that restaurant in the background.

But the free flowing fountains are not only in the historic downtown area. There is also a lovely little fountain along the running trail next to a cute little playground:
I stop and get a sip when I am running or skating by.

Not to be immature or inappropriate, but did you happen to notice what the statues above the fountains are wearing? Yeah, they are depicted wearing a codpiece. According to Google Dictionary a codpiece "is a pouch attached to a man's breeches or close-fitting hose to cover the genitals, worn in the 15th and 16th centuries." I've wondered if these fellas thought pretty highly of themselves or if it was the artist's choice. Then the other day I passed an apartment building with a sign announcing the birth of a baby boy. Maybe the parents of this kid were inspired by the fountain statues:

Today's poem is an acrostic homage to fountains:

ruNning water

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  1. Funny how the codpiece resembles the modern fanny pack. Enjoyed your flowing poem.

    1. Yes, a fanny pack opposite their fanny... ;) Thanks for reading my poems/posts and commenting, Helen. I truly appreciate it.


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