Sneezing has been the sound of spring here in Switzerland. For people with allergies, the pollen has been INTENSE.

Pollen is collecting in the lake and on ponds:
The pollen sits on top of the water.

In parking lots:
After a bit of rain it all collected in a low point of the parking lot.

And in our bathroom:
The yellowish tinge is the pollen that came in through the window. ..

...and onto the shower floor right below the window - maybe screens would have helped?

Luckily, Joe, Mo and I have not been bothered by the pollen...yet. That doesn't mean we won't in the future. I lived in Tucson for 5 years before I got allergies. Fingers crossed allergies don't find me here in Switzerland. If they do, there is now an app called Pollen-News which shows you how strong the pollen count is on a day to day basis so you can manage your antihistamines.

Poor Smidgey didn't get so lucky, though. She's had allergies for the last few weeks: sneezing, butt-rubbing, and chewing on her paws. We bought some antihistamine for her and it has helped, but there is nothing worse than a sneezy puppy...except maybe one doing a butt-rub. Ew.
Tummy scratches are the only good part of having allergies.


Today's poem is in honor of Sneezy Smidge:

Look, I'm on my back!
See my tail go smack?
Scratch my belly, please?

Whoops, gotta sneeze...

 ah choo!

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