Lack of Screening

Not in the security line at the airport, but on Swiss windows!

We've been lucky enough to have wunderschön weather recently - mid to high 70's F for the last week. Tomorrow will be much the same:

And with the warmer weather comes the need for fresh air. We have been opening our windows:
Our windows have a nifty feature that allows them to pop out from the top.

Or open like a door.


It has been so nice we've been opening our sliding glass door to get a nice flow-through of air, too:
Nice breeze billowing our curtain.

Nothing too exciting about any of this except for the fact that there are NO screens. On any window. Anywhere.
Our sliding glass door opens onto our balcony with nothing to stop the dog...or the bugs from coming and going.

Of course, there are blinds on all the windows:

And the bigger windows are equipped with electric blind openers:
Up or down at the touch of a button.

But in the bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen we have hand crank the blinds:
Up or down with the crank of the handle.

But none of them have window screens.

We experienced the lack of window screens when we first arrived and had to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks. We experienced the lack of window screens in our first temporary apartment. Once I realized this was a 'thing' here, I have observed the lack of window screens in the neighborhoods we've been to here in Zug, in Zurich, and other parts of Switzerland.

The biggest downside to the lack of window screens is Switzerland has bugs. We've had our fair share of mosquitoes, flies and bees joining us for a bit before we were able to direct them back to the open window. What comes in can usually be directed to also go back out. (Once the mosquitoes are done feasting on your arm or leg, of course ; )

Other warm weather solutions that are rarely found in Switzerland? Ceiling fans and air conditioners. We couldn't have survived in Tucson without both of these!

Today's poem focuses on the downside of open windows with no screens:
open window
bugs fly in
rest of the day
annoying din
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.


  1. At first I thought perhaps there were few insects there, but guess that's wrong. We have very few insects in CO, so can open without screens, & did keep the sliding door open often at my old home. With no AC, you have to open up. Sorry for that "annoying din"!

    1. Thank you, Linda! The bugs are not too bad yet, but as spring turns into summer the numbers increase. I seem to be very delicious to mosquitoes unfortunately. =)

  2. Glad to hear the weather is warming up in anticipation of FUZ-moto!

    1. Ja, it should be wunderschön! Looking forward to seeing SOON! =)


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