Blooming Bonanza

Spring has sprung in die Schweiz!

All of the following flower images were taken in the last week on my daily Smidgey walking route:
In a planter next to a public building.
In the center divide of a street.
Spontaneously coming through the lawn next to the street.
In the grass at the running track/field.

Along a little creek path that Smidgey loves.
Around the corner from our apartment.
Under a train bridge.
And Mo's favorite (for reals) the dandelion which are everywhere right now.
Besides all the spontaneous and cultivated outdoor spring flowers in Zug, there is also a never ending supply of indoor flowers for sale year-round.

From the florist shops on nearly every corner:
There are 2 florist shops just in the Zug Bahnhof!

 the flowers sold in every grocery store:

...the Swiss have plenty of opportunities to buy flowers.

And let me tell you, the Swiss LOVE flowers. Which works out, because I love flowers, too! And my favorite place to get fresh flowers is from the farmer's field - with permission, of course.
A flower field along the bike path.

Many farmers set aside a portion of their fields for a self-serve florist.
Everything is set up for you to help yourself.

And they supply everything you need to take home beautiful flowers for a fraction of the cost of a florist and/or grocery store:
The price list.

A box for the leaf cuttings you don't want.
And of course, a slot for the money.

Here is our bouquet (engineered by Joe to stand up in the vase):

Here is a poem about the swagger with which spring has shown itself here in Zug:
Rooted firmly in April,
spring explodes
with a cacophony of color
the green canvas of nature
with vibrancy and vitality.
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.