50 SHAVES of Gray

...or at least7!

We just got back from a three-state whirlwind trip to the US and Joe was in full vacation mode:
As is evident by his post-vacation scruffy face.

In order to acclimate back into his day-to-day work life, Joe had to shave...and shave and shave.
First he cleaned up around the edges of his 'beard':

To achieve this level of cuteness:

Next he shaved his cheeks to create a wide goatee:

Then a thinner goatee:

Then he had to break out the bigger shaver:

To get his chin whiskers even skinnier:

Until he was at the 'stach and soul patch stage:

Then it was solo soul patch:

Then he shaved off the last of his graying soul, scraping years off his face.
This was our sink in the aftermath:

Then one more shave with yet another razor:

And he ended up looking like this:

Clean shaven and ready for work. (But not in his puppy shirt.)

The scruff took 10+ days to grow, then 7 SHAVES to remove.

Many thanks to my VERY patient husband for allowing me to take his picture over and over again for this post.

Before I get to my 'hairy' poem, I have a request for you dear reader:
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Now on to my poem, a stubbled Cinquain*
embrace Joe's chin.
A gray shadow hints at
the many vacations gone by.
Years shaved. 
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

*A cinquain is a 5-lined nonrhyming poem whereby 
the lines have the following syllable count: 2, 4, 6, 8, 2. 
The cinquain poetry form was created by Adelaide Crapsey.


  1. Hi Bridget, I've missed you! For me, sorry to see it go, but it is amusing to see the transformation! My husband always had a beard, so I'm fond of them. Love that you connected the beard with vacations, or I guess your husband does.

    1. I've missed you too, Linda! I love that your husband had a beard - what a great way to always think of himself on vacation! =)

  2. lucky he didn't get stopped by security o the way home with that "terrorist" do!

    1. Luckily security was too busy fussing about his Swiss Army knife to worry about his scruffy face. Thanks for commenting, Dave! =)

    2. did he get to keep the knife - mine never made it through!

    3. They took his knife when we went through security in ABQ! That means the TSA missed it in Zurich, Chicago, and Phoenix! Keeping us safe?

  3. Superbly documented. I recently shaved 2 weeks of growth but I didn't think to do it so creatively. Bravo!

    1. Thanks, Chris! Next time you will have to selfie your transformation. =)

  4. Only a genius could turn my shaving into entertainment. Well done!

    1. Well, when I have such a cute face to look at, it was easy! =)


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