No Place Like Gnome

Gnomes in Switzerland are extremely popular. The average Swiss person likes to display gnomes in their gardens and all around their property. We have seen at least one gnome display in pretty much every neighborhood we've visited - and we've visited a lot as we look for our permanent housing.
Some are spread throughout the yard:

Some are concentrated in one area of the yard:
Yes, there are mini palm trees in Switzerland...with gnomes, of course.

Some stand (sit) alone:
Big gnome by a big home.

And some are a whole gnome village:
Hardcore intricate mini gnome scene.

There is even a shout out to Snow White and her crew around the corner from our house:

Are the 7 dwarfs the same as gnomes?

Generally most gnomes in Swiss gardens are sweet little fellas:

Until you look closely and see a different side to their personality:
This gnome is giving a middle finger salute!

An interesting side note: Gnomes have had a negative connotation when they have been associated with the perception of Swiss banking practices of the past. According to Wikipedia: "Gnomes of Zürich is a slang term for Swiss bankers. Swiss bankers are popularly associated with extremely secretive policies, while gnomes in fairy tales live underground, in secret, counting their riches. Zürich is the commercial centre of Switzerland." 

Today's poem is micro, just like gnomes:
to gnome me
is to love me
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