It's All a Matter of Perspective

Right before we moved from the apartment at the Bahnhof (temporary housing #2) we met the people who at the time were living in what is now our current apartment. One of the things the woman said was, "It is really loud here!" I responded, "Oh, the construction across the street?" And she immediately said, "No! The daycare downstairs!"

There is a daycare that occupies the two apartments on the bottom floor of our building and the building next door. (We live two floors up.)
Here's the sign and some of the little people.

Hearing that the daycare would be the source of noise didn't bother me in the least. I love kids - even when they are crying...and they do cry downstairs daily:

Luckily they also play and laugh daily:

And I get to see a sight like this when I enter the building:
Could they be any cuter?

Sometimes I do have to step around strollers:
Sometimes there is a random baby sitting there with no adult in sight...though the adult is usually just inside the door.

I don't mind any of these things because I've gotten unexpected leg hugs and gotten to hear tiny voices exclaim in glee, "Hund!" or "Ruff" when Smidgey and I walk past.

And if the aromas floating up the stairwell are any indication, the kids seem to eat pretty well at this daycare: fresh baked bread, soups, various desserts and more. (I wish I had a smell-recorder so you could enjoy the smells as well.)

Anyway, having a daycare in the building has not been a bad thing for me. It is all a matter of perspective. Little people make me happy. 👶

Here is a little poem about little people:
teeny fingers
tiny toes
padded bottom
button nose

tiny people
down below
tiny voices
say hello
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