Yes, Whey!

It is quite obvious that the Swiss are known for their cheese.  Emmental is the name for the cheese we Americans identify as "Swiss cheese" (semi-hard cheese, filled with holes).

But the Swiss are also known for Raclette (used in fondue), Appenzeller (hard cheese produced in Alps in northern Switzerland), plus hundreds of other varieties.

With cheese production comes byproducts. According to Wikipedia: "To produce cheese, rennet or an edible acid is added to heated milk. This makes the milk coagulate or curdle, separating the milk solids (curds) from the liquid whey." But what to do with the whey? Well, if you are thinking 'whey' outside the box like the Swiss do, you make a fizzy soft drink out of it!

(And based on what I know about their recycling ethics, I knew there was no 'whey' the Swiss would let anything go to waste!)

In 1952 Robert Barth invented the soft drink Rivella using 35% milk whey. It comes in seven varieties, but the main ones are: Rivella Red (original) and Rivella Blue (light).

The other varieties are Green (with Green Tea extract), Rhubarb, Tropical Mango, Yellow, and Peach though not all are widely available. Besides the Red and Blue varieties, we were only able to track down Green, Rhubarb, and Tropical Mango at our neighborhood grocery store.
Tropical Mango.

Now you may be wondering, how do they taste? 
Well, here is the results of our first ever Rivella Taste Test (we didn't let the fact that we rarely drink soda get in the 'whey' of our opinions)

Original Red:
Mo thought it tasted like liquid Smarties (candy).
Joe thought it tasted refreshing.
I thought it tasted the best of all of them.

Original Blue:
Mo thought it didn't taste very strong.
Joe thought it had a mild flavor.
I thought it was slightly less sweet than the red, but with an aftertaste.

Mo thought it had a Sprite-ish taste that was sharper and more citrus-y.
Joe thought it was more foamy with a lemon-limey taste.
I thought it was more fizzy and smelled like Fresca. (Happy smell memory of my Dad who was a big Fresca fan.)

Mo thought it tasted like strawberries, but mostly sweet.
Joe thought it tasted like apples.
I thought it was way too sweet with a spiced apple-y taste. Yuck.

Tropical Mango:
Mo thought the taste grew on her as she drank more of it.
Joe thought it tasted like pee. (ew)
I thought there was a hint of mango, but it was mostly just too sweet.

But don't take our word for it. Next time you are out this 'whey' try some Rivella!

I can't seem to get out of my own 'whey' with this is evident in the following Nursery Poem redux*.

Little Sir Barth
Sat on his hearth
Wondering what to do with his whey.

He took a sip of Coke,
Said, "This is a joke!
There must me a better 'whey'." 
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved

*My apologies to Miss Muffet, her tuffet, and the spider. 😜


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you found a 'whey' to see the humor, Liz! =)

  2. Replies
    1. You are my 'punniest' sister, She! I 'whey' like you! =)

  3. So funny! I actually had some taste of this at Epcot Center. They have a place where one can try all kinds of soft drinks from all over the world. My students and I tasted every one! I'm glad you had your "whey"!

    1. I appreciate you 'whey' with words, Linda! Someday I want to visit Epcot... =)


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