The Writing is on the Wall

Switzerland in general is a pretty clean place, but it is not immune to people publicly expressing themselves with a can of paint, ie. graffiti.
Some graffiti is pretty:
On the wall at the Zug train station where people park their bikes.

Some graffiti is ugly:
On a building in Zurich.

Some graffiti is weird:
On an underpass in Luzern.

Some graffiti is political:
Seems like they started to erase their spelling mistake then gave up.

And some graffiti is down right profound:
On a wall in Zug.

Again, on a wall in Zug.

On the side of the Siemens building across the street from our flat.

My poem today is not profound and can barely qualify as art, but some days are like that. Enjoy?

public art
is where it's at
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.