Ssswwweeet Part 3

As a service to you, dear readers, we are continually enjoying sacrificing ourselves in order to keep you entertained informed about our Swiss experience. Our latest bit of awesomeness hardship was yet another visit to a chocolate factory...I know, oh darn.

This time around we visited Aeschbach Chocolatier in Luzern.

Joe wanted to get down to the business of eating chocolate as we went up the stairs to start our tour:
Stairway to heaven...

...and at the top, we got a nutty welcome.
The Chocolate World was full of interesting facts about cocoa:
You could actually touch the beans at each stage.

And amazing chocolate sculpture displays:
Chocolate aquarium!
Mo's favorite...mice!
And little chocolate maker dudes.

Of course there were sampling stations:
The caramel chocolate was to die for!
Mo is our dark chocolate girl.

Milk and dark chocolate fountains with toppings! Ammmmazing!

There was even an interactive display that Joe is demonstrating here:
But the most exciting part of this chocolate experience was the fact that this is a working factory. We got to watch the employees box chocolates:
All that chocolate goodness...
...boxed up and ready to send.
We watched employees hand-tie bows around chocolate Easter bunnies:
The Easter Bunny has helpers.

Joe loved the manufacturing aspect of the factory. He felt it was a 'job shop' type of factory instead of a high production operation.
This is the machine that put the gold foil on the chocolate coins. So cool!
Here, employees push filling wafers into the chocolate on the conveyor belt. I thought of Lucy and Ethel...

Overall, I highly recommend a visit to Aeschbach Chocolatier. It is a gold medal experience:
Americans win gold... Switzerland.

When you come to visit us, we'll be happy to sacrifice ourselves once again and take you there. It's the least we can do. 😉

Here is yet another poem about chocolate:
In Switzerland,
chocolate is brown gold.
Putting it in our faces,
never gets old.
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