We are doing our best to embrace all things Swiss. We love the chocolate, the cheese, and the watches. The weather has taken some getting used to (but in a good way). One aspect of a Swiss winter is snow...obviously. And over the weekend we tried out Schneeschuhe (snowshoes). It was least Joe and I thought so.
 Joe carried the equipment to the bus stop:

Then we took the bus up to the top of a mountain:
Someone was less than excited about this idea.

Then we got out on the snow and shoed:

Actually Joe and I snowshoed, but Mo decided she didn't want to do it despite renting her a pair of Schneeshuhe. When it came down to actually putting them on, she said, "They're like skis, but lamer." And promptly turned her attention to making a snowman:
Beginning the process...
...sitting on the base.

Then when we returned from our tromping, Joe and I helped her finish Bert the Snowman:
Bert stole my hat!

Solo Bert...with a snowstack "hat".

We are going to look for used Schneeshuhe for Joe and I at the Brockenhaus (thrift store) for future adventures. Mo, on the other hand, wants a Schlitten (sled). We'll look for a couple of those, too.

Today's poem is inspired by our teenager's insight:

"They're like skis,
but lamer."
snowshoe disclaimer
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