Joe Fun Fact #4286

Joe and I have been together a looooooong time. (1985!) 
I know most things about the man - and maybe a few things I don't want to. 😉 
But recently I learned something new. Fun Fact #4286:
Joe has OPD (Obsessive Puzzle Disorder)
It all started when we visited our local Brockenhaus (thrift store). There was a huge selection of puzzles at a reasonable price. Innocently enough, I suggested we buy a puzzle to do together AS A FAMILY.

I had no idea what I was in for...and I think neither did Joe. For the next month or so Joe went into full Obsessive Puzzling Mode, which ultimately included elbowing Mo and I out gently taking over the completion of the puzzle. In the end, he did a very good job...but at what expense?

Then Christmas came and Colleeny got her dad, you guessed it, another puzzle! Even though it was his present, Joe invited Mo and I to help. Mo has learned that she is not a puzzler, but I gave it a go. I worked on the edges, but then Joe's OPD kicked into high gear and I was elbowed out again and he decided to finish it on his own. He was in control and on a roll:
After a couple of days.

At the one week mark.

And finished in just 2 weeks!

OPD under control because he is done.
He has decided he needs a break from puzzles for the time being, but we'll see how he feels when he opens his birthday present. (wink-wink)

Which brings us to Joe Fun Fact #4287: Today is Joe's 52nd Birthday! It's not puzzling to see that he gets better with age:

Birthdays are good for you...the more you have the longer you live.
~Random Internet Quote

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We LOVE Joe!
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