Egg-ceptionally Colorful

Now that we are officially into the season of Lent, Easter is just around the corner. And one of the many symbols of Easter is the egg. Specifically the colored egg. But if you lived in Switzerland you wouldn't have to wait until Easter to have colored eggs. They sell them in the grocery store. Every. Day. Of. The.Year.
We noticed these in August.

The colored eggs are called "Schwiezer Pic-Nic Eier" or Swiss Picnic Eggs.

Guess why they are colored? Because they are hard boiled! Nothing worse than cracking an egg to make an omelette only to find it hard boiled instead of raw. But both the raw eggs and the "Pic-Nic" eggs are sold on the regular grocery aisle shelves, not in the refrigerated section. We're not sure if it's necessary, but we do refrigerate our eggs when we get them home.

Nice to know that come Easter (or any day of the year) we can have lovely hard boiled eggs without the house smelling like vinegar and Paas color tabs staining our table. The Swiss are so thoughtful.

Today's poem is not exactly colorful, but hopefully you will enjoy the yolk:

 eggs over difficult

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