The New Year Came in with a BANG

From our observations and limited experience, it seems that the Swiss pride themselves on being an orderly, quiet society...until they are not.

On New Year's Eve they were not.

From sundown at about 5pm until WAY past midnight (I have the bags under my eyes to prove this) our Swiss neighbors ushered in the New Year with a BANG. BOOM. And SNAP, CRACKLE, POP!

Fireworks are readily available at every grocery store in town. Not just the light 'em and watch them explode on the ground kind, but the launch 'em into the sky and see them from miles around kind.

Grocery store fireworks by the numbers:
100 fireworks in the box
50 seconds of explosions
30 meters up in the air
25 meters of human clearance (for safety?)

The revelers using these fireworks weren't thinking about safety as much as fun:
Nothing says a good time like 2 bottles of Champagne and fireworks!

Added to the firework festivities, we got to 'enjoy' Church bells in surround sound. Every area church rang their church bells from 11:45pm to 12:15am. The Powers That Be really wanted to alert you to the fact that a New Year was upon us.
Ring-a-ding-dong all night long. OK, middle of the night long.

As if the fireworks and the church bells weren't enough to keep sleep at bay, add in a party in the apartment below us. Somehow, our neighbors couldn't keep their mouths off their noisemakers LONG after the clock struck midnight. I don't think a knock on the floor would have done much to dissuade them from their partying ways as I doubt anyone would have heard. Alas, eventually (3:15am) they bid their guests adieu.We heard.

But New Year's Eve is not the only time to set off fireworks in Switzerland. They do it on January 1st as well! And at a reasonable hour - 8pm! We attended a public firework display in Luzern with thousands of our 'best friends'.

And holy wow, they know how to do fireworks:


Along with ushering in the New Year, January 1st was also my 7th Blog-aversary! Thank you, dear reader, for reading, commenting, and following my blog journey. Whether you've been with me since 1/1/2011 or have recently discovered my tiny bit of the internet universe, I appreciate YOU. And I toast you with a bit of 'Cold Duck'.

Gutes Neues Jahr! May your 2018 bring you much peace, poetry, and pyrotechnics.


New Year
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