Ssswwweeet! Part 2

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about our visit to the Swiss chocolate factory, Maestrani's Chocolarium located just outside Zurich. Since then we've actually visited there a second time. Hey! Colleen and her friend were visiting Switzerland for the first time and they HAD to experience the chocolate magic. In good conscience we couldn't let them go by themselves! ;)

In between those two Chocolarium visits, we went to another chocolate factory...well, not a factory so much as a chocolate attraction. Do you see a trend?

Perhaps you've heard of or tasted Lindt chocolate? Oh, yeah, my mouth is watering at the memory as well. Well, there is an attraction called the Swiss Chocolate Adventure at the Verkehrshaus (The Swiss Museum of Transportation) in Luzern that chronicles the origins, production, and transport of Swiss chocolate through the lens of the Lindt Company.
This big fella is outside the museum.

The tour starts out with us being 'transported' to another time and place...actually, we went down to the basement of the building in a shipping container elevator. Weird.

Then we got into individual 'carts' to start the tour. (They are like the kind they have in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, but without the ghost hitchhikers.)
Here is an empty cart that was next to us.

Cart selfie taken in the dark! (Mo is listening to the translator.)

We learned about the cocoa plant:

and Swiss cows:

We learned about chocolate history:
All about Lindt!

And we saw chocolate wall sculptures...

...with a spout in the middle that dropped out a single chocolate for each person in the cart. Whoopee?
Overall, it was an OK attraction, but there was a Disney-esque feel to it that bordered on cheesy - not Swiss quality. Lindt makes an amazing product, but with this attraction it seemed like the company was leveraging its reputation just to attract tourists in this very popular museum. Don't get me wrong, the Verkehrshaus is an AMAZING museum and we highly recommend it, but maybe save your money by not going to the Chocolate Experience and just buy the Lindt chocolate in the gift shop. THAT is an experience.

Aside from the gift shop, there are many other amazing things to see in the museum:



And automobiles.

With a bonus motorcycle:
I had to talk Joe out of trying to recreate the Kim/Kayne motorcycle pose. ;)

The only connection I've seen between Lindt chocolates and transportation is this car that was parked outside a grocery store in ZUG! Go figure.
My poem was inspired by this 'beary' cute car.

head and shoulders
above the rest
a sweet ride 
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