Bowl Full of Home

Food provides sustenance to both our bodies and souls. And when living abroad, finding your favorite foods can be challenging at times. (Understatement when referring to Mexican food!)

One food that has been both a heart warming and belly warming staple in our family is pea soup. More specifically, my Mom's pea soup recipe.
My Mom, AKA Grandma or Patzy.

And this particular pea soup is Maureen's favorite food. Now seeing that she is a teen who has been forced to move half way around the world, I have been on a mission to make this soup for her so Switzerland will feel a little more like home. But it has been no easy task.

Apparently the Swiss are not big on selling dried split peas. We found peas (Erbsen in Deutsch) in cans, but none dried. We searched the grocery store aisles ourselves. We used our broken Deutsch to ask store employees. But to no avail. We were able to find dried lentils, both red and brown, so I am able to make Mo her second favorite soup, but my girl needs her Grandma's recipe pea soup!

We searched at not one...not two...not three...but SIX stores looking for dried split peas. At the 6th store, our lucky day!
Halbe = half (split)

And we made Maureen Grandma's split pea soup.
Mmmmm...a little taste of home. : )

My poem is an Ode to my Mom and the affect her pea soup recipe has on Maureen:

my bowl of pea soup 
is warm
smells good
and is squishy
just like my Grandma's 
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved. 

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