After only 2 Hours and 2 Trains...

...we were in Germany!

On Saturday, Joe, Maureen and I did a day trip to Konstanz, Germany. This border city is popular not only as a shopping destination for Swiss looking for bargains, but it is also a beautiful historical city on the banks of the Lake Konstanz, the third largest lake in Central Europe.
City by the lake.
My cuties on the lake shore.
And it is home to a really cool aquarium. We saw fish...

Jellies, no peanut butter.

...and rays...
They fly...
...and glide.

...and sea turtles.

But the best part of the aquarium was the penguins!
Smidgey's spirit animal. Small head + big belly = cuteness.
Practically twins with the penguins!
Joe, Mo, and a cool penguin bro.

After our fishy fun it was time to shop. We checked out the stores in the mall...

...and in Altstadt. (old town)

Fancy fountain.

We didn't buy this:
For obvious reasons, I think.

But we did buy this:
Hand trolley!

I am SO excited about this purchase! Now I can do more shopping at once - no more oversized bag slung over my shoulder threatening my spine alignment! And, it was a fraction of the cost of the ones we've seen here in Switzerland.

Being a 'shopping tourist' does have its down side - customs duty. The  Swiss Federal Customs Administration describes customs duty as “indirect taxes that are levied on goods that are brought into the Swiss customs territory.” Luckily what we bought on Saturday was well below the legal limit: "dutiable amounts kick in above 300 francs per person, per day."

Today's poem is a limerick about our mini adventure:
On Saturday we crossed the border
To see fish and shop, in that order
Bought a two-wheeled cart
In a German city mart
To save my back from disorder
©2018, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.